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When you or a family member is in need of physical therapy where would you turn?  If you are like most in our community, you turn to Ivy Hill Therapuetic Equestrian Center for help.  

You know you will receive top-notch therapeutic care, and you also can trust that dedicated, compassionate professionals in a warm, caring environment will treat you like a real person.

You are helping our caregivers touch lives-- whether riders are facing an urgent need, a devastating disease or seeking to improve their quality of life. Please click here to read the entire note from the CEO of Ivy Hill about how your generous donations help support Ivy Hill's professional programs.

Thank you!

We invite you to become part of the equation:   Horses + Love = Hope

  • Donate to Ivy Hill Foundation

    Donate to Ivy Hill Foundation

    $ 0.00
    Make a General Donation to Ivy Hill to help with operations or daily expenses.

  • Buy a Bale of Hay

    Buy a Bale of Hay

    $ 5.00
    Ivy Hill goes through about 8 bales of hay a day. Please help us by buying our 4-legged miracle workers a bale of hay.

  • Buy a Bag of Grain

    Buy a Bag of Grain

    $ 15.00
    Purchase a bag of grain to help our equines maintain good health. They all come with special diets and require different amounts of food. Ivy Hill goes through about 6 bags of grain a week.

  • Trim a Horse's Hooves

    Trim a Horse's Hooves

    $ 40.00
    Give your favorite horse a much needed trim from our wonderful farrier. Just like you, they like to get a manicure or a pedicure.

  • Sponsor a Horse

    Sponsor a Horse

    $ 0.00
    Ivy Hill currently has 16 horses in the program full time.

  • Sponsor a Rider

    Sponsor a Rider

    $ 0.00
    Ivy Hill currently supports 45 students on scholarship through the Bonnie Sames Financial Assistance Program.

  • Sponsor Levels

    Sponsor Levels

    $ 0.00
    Along with the continual costs of caring for our horses and maintaining our scholarship fund, Ivy Hill has general operating costs including rent, electric, printing expenses, etc. Please consider making a donation at one of the following levels: