Ivy Hill Therapeutic Equestrian Center Serving all individuals with unique abilities and health needs

Summer Camp

At Ivy Hill’s Inclusion Summer Camp, we provide an integrated experience for children of all levels of ability that develops horsemanship and riding skills, and builds teamwork, awareness and understanding of what makes us uniquely different and what pulls us together.

Activities are designed for these outcomes, and they include:

  • Horsemanship and riding classes
  • Horse care and education (anatomy, grooming, tacking and bathing)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Games and music

Goals set for the week-long experience are set at the beginning of each session with the instructor, rider and family. They are centered around building self-awareness and esteem, learning shared responsibility, collaboration and problem-solving, developing critical thinking skills, and improving physical strength and coordination while celebrating play and enjoyment.

Our desired organizational outcome is to build awareness and acceptance of differences by nurturing relationships and friendships – and having FUN!


All 2019 Summer Camps are full. 


Please click here to download the 2019 Summer Camp Brochure.


For more information,  please click here or email the Program Director at info@ivyhillequestrian.org.

Are you a sibling, friend or volunteer who may want to attend and ride during camp?  If so click here for a registration form. 

Wish to volunteer or train to be a volunteer at Summer Camp????    If so, please find more information dependent on the volunteers age below.

Volunteer information for those that are 12-14 years old
Volunteer information for those 14 years old and over

Note from one parent about summer camp:   I have 3 children that attend camp at Ivy Hill each summer.  My son is 8 and my daughters are 6. They have attended the past 3 years and it means so much for them to attend.  They look forward to it and get very excited when we talk about the past years or plans to go to camp for this year.  They love the horses and making friends with the other kids.  They enjoy the games, crafts and riding time.  They get so much more out of it from a parent perspective, they find confidence in themselves, independence, responsibility and a sense of belonging.  They have a place to go where they are not judged on their abilities or made to feel different. They come home so proud of the craft they made or making a new friend or doing something new on the horses.  They get a chance to really bond with the horses and there is so much to be said for a friend with hooves.  Our daughter has been through so much medically and she suffers from separation anxiety.  When we first decided to send her to camp we had our doubts about how she would make out, but thanks to the fantastic group of staff and volunteers, they worked with her to get through it and now she looks forward to it and waves goodbye with a smile at drop off. Our other daughter has a severe heart condition and autism and for her this camp is a sense of independence.  She loved being able to do it herself without Mom hovering and for us as parents we felt confident she was safe and well looked after so she got her sense of independence.  Our family is so grateful for this wonderful summer camp and all those involved, we enjoy watching the children blossom with each year they attend.

Become part of the equation: Horses + Love = Hope.