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Hi, my name is Kelly and I am the Grandmother of one of the best kids you could wish for. 

His name is Hayden and I would love to share his story with you. I have raised Hayden almost since birth.  Around age two, I started noticing that he was having some developmental problems. Because of this, he was in speech, physical and occupational therapy once a week until he was about 5 yrs old.  

One day, my sister - who also has a daughter with autism - was telling me about a great riding program. I grew up around horses and so I knew this would be something wonderful for Hayden.  At this point, Hayden’s physical therapist said that she had taken him as far as she could and believed that riding would be good for him. I decided to call Ivy Hill. They were fantastic with explaining the program to me. We decided to sign Hayden up! And so he began riding at the age of 6. 

His first instructor, Mrs Sara, connected really well with Hayden, encouraging him at every turn to excel. When Mrs Sara went on maternity leave, Miss Hillary began teaching Hayden. She was absolutely fantastic — kind and soft spoken, but when she needed to, would be firm and fair with Hayden. Hayden rode with Miss Hillary for about four and a half years. Hayden now rides with Miss Tori and they are just starting to get to know each other. 

Ivy Hill has been wonderful for Hayden. Most days when Hayden walks into the barn he is in quite a mood but within five minutes with the horses he is like a totally different person. He is happy and smiles often (something he doesn’t do very often). Ivy Hill has taught him so many things. His time at Ivy Hill has taught him how to treat and respect the animals. His instructors have also emphasized social skills - working with Hayden on being more mindful of others around him. Hayden especially loves the horse shows, in which everyone who rides gets a ribbon, and so they are all winners. The Ivy Hill staff and volunteers make all the riders feel as though they are unique and special in their own way.  

Thank you to all the volunteers that are there every day cleaning out stalls, water buckets, taking care of the horses, and most of all making Ivy Hill a great place to ride. Thank you to the staff for your hard work taking care of the riders and horses, and to the office staff for all you do to keep Ivy Hill running smoothly. Thank you for this wonderful community. 

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