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Our eight-year-old son Evan has been in the Ivy Hill riding program for approximately two years.  Having been diagnosed with autism and apraxia when he was 2 1/2 years old, he faces a number of physical and learning challenges.  We believe the program assists him on a number of levels.

One, the act of riding strengthens the core muscles in the stomach and back, a deficiency in many of these individuals.  Two, the fact, that he has to act on teaching commands (matching colors, throwing and catching objects, directing the horse, etc.) aids in both his physical and mental development.  In addition, all individuals benefit by bonding with the animal.

The Ivy Hill staff is extremely attentive and understanding of our son's situation. However, they also are demanding when they need my child to accomplish tasks.

All parents of autistic children know that they have a long and often difficult road in developing their children to their potential.  We're very fortunate to have Ivy Hill in our area to aid in that growth.  Hopefully the program can continue to flourish in years to come.

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