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She said yes? I said no! She won GOLD!!!!!!!!


To know Holly is definitely to love her.  She is a kind , loving and a fun young woman.

Holly carries a diagnosis of Chromosome deletion 3p.  She is Intellectually disabled and has Epilepsy. That is just the beginning, she is Hypotonic with a gait dysfunction and leg length discrepancies.

Holly has cheated death on multiple occasions -- chicken pox ,jaw surgery and just being born. 

Some years ago Holly wanted to be independent, move out on her own. She tried she struggled and became a little lost and then we found Ivy Hill! 

This wonderful place took in this weak and frail young girl, put the spirit back in her soul.

Four years into riding, Holly is physically stronger, mentally alert and processing what she does on that horse. Her speech has improved three fold and her patience, oh my is music to a mothers ear.

We most likely would never have seen these changes if not for the therapy at Ivy Hill.

This program ,the trainers  and coaches put their heart and soul into these multiple groups of riders who come through the barn everyday.

Our way to say thank you is just to support this beautiful organization in any way possible as we all watch all our riders become independent and so proud of their own accomplishments.

Ivy Hill serves so many on so many levels and they deserves all the accolades we can as parents and caregivers can bestow on them all.

Thank you Ivy Hill from the bottom of my Heart, it has taken a lot to lift our spirits .

We look forward to all great things together in the future. Good luck to each and every rider. They all deserve a blue ribbon.

The family of Holly.

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