Ivy Hill Therapeutic Equestrian Center Serving all individuals with unique abilities and health needs

Financial Resources

At Ivy Hill, no rider gets turned away due to financial contraints. The foundation of the Financial Assistance Program honors the memory of one of Ivy Hill's champions, Bonnie Sames. 

Bonnie Sames was a board member and grandmother of a special needs child who volunteered time, effort, and finances to a program and an organization that she knew, that she believed with all her heart would not only enrich and expand the life of her grandson but would do the same for others riders AND their families.

Her vision was one where no rider, no family would be turned away because of their financial situation—that all who need or want to experience this life-changing program would always be able to do so.

Her vision and her faith were such that before her life came to a close she began a fund of a few shares of stock—in the faith that it would grow, that her little fund would blossom through the support of a community that would see her vision through. What began with a thousand dollars in stock has grown to become the Bonnie Sames Financial Assistance Program.  In 2017, Bonnie Sames Memorial Fund supported 28 riders with scholarships totaling $26,000.

If you or your rider wish to join our therapeutic program but have funding concerns, please fill out the Scholarship Application form.